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RIDA calls for application from M&E beginners including development professionals, students and individuals willing to work in M&E sector for a training package on Monitoring and Evaluation (BASICS). Register Here
Human Resources
RIDA Intenrational possesses a strong pool of human resources comprising of renowned professionals from Education, Health, Management and other development sector. The global presence and partnership is one of its strengths.
Area of Expertise
RIDA has substantial work experience in education and health sector along with other development sectors. Major area of expertise includes: Qualitative Study (Focus Group Discussions, Impact Study, Needs Assessment).
RIDA has plenty of experience in qualitative/quantitative research, monitoring, evaluation and various other forms of consulting services in education, health, and other development sectors.

Welcome to RIDA International, USA
RIDA International is a international research firm with plenty of experiences and expertise in research, monitoring, evaluation, assessment and advocacy in various sectors of development including education, health and nutrition, agriculture and economics. The organization was first established during 1980s with an objective to provide research support to development interventions so as to ensure evidence based development practices.
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RIDA believe in independent and participatory monitoring and evaluation
procedure which enables stakeholders to understand and own the
achievements as well as challenges of any intervention.
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